Tips on setting up your new Five Luck Fingerboard:

-Grip is applied like a sticker to the top of the deck.  Excess grip should be removed by using an emery board or nail file to make smooth downward strokes around the entire outer surface of the deck.  It can be messy so might be best to do this over a garbage can or a surface you can easily clean up after.

-If you wish to prevent the truck mounting screws from ever popping out, I suggest mounting your trucks to the deck before applying the grip.

-If you expect to be moving your trucks to other decks I suggest applying the grip first and then poking out the truck holes with a thumbtack or anything else that will make a hole through the grip that will accept the mounting screws.

-It is a fact of life that unless you are using aftermarket locknuts, the nuts on the trucks (both kingpin and wheel) can come loose with use.  To prevent loss of any nuts I suggest using a stable but not permanent super glue to ensure the nuts stay in place.  Gorilla Brand super glue is an excellent choice here (solid but you can still remove the nuts with your tool to make adjustments or to replace worn parts).  To be clear, I have no affiliation with Gorilla Brand products, I just know they work well.  Other super glues may work well also.  To apply, set your trucks and wheels to your preferred tightness, add a drop of super glue to the end of a pin or straightened paper clip and dab the drop directly on to the center of the nut you are working on.  Be careful to not use too much or you may have drops of glue finding their way into your wheel bearings.  One drop on the center of the nut is all that is required.

-If you are brand new to Fingerboarding and want to learn some tricks, YouTube has a great selection of tutorials as well as many videos of Professionals and Amateurs fingerboarding for you to watch and learn from.  You will see that the possibilities are virtually endless for the tricks you can learn and the fun that you can have!